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Sign-ups for Project Equity's Operation GroundSwell are now available, for applications and additional information click here.

For more information on our popular new L.E.A.D. Program to teach elementery, junior and high school students about Darfur, or even book a presentation with us, click here.

PROJECT EQUITY INTERNATIONAL is a MOVEMENT of Youth & UPcoming Talent dedicated to Sustainable Development. We are using our energy & creativity to promote new & innovative ways to make Economic Development of needy regions compatible of Environmental Sustainability. To learn more about us, click here.

Project Equity International is building a network of artists, musicians, DJs, MC's, designers, entrepeneurs, etc. all dedicated to promoting a cause and being promoted in exchange. If you're pursuing your ambitions and want to link your dreams with ours, contact us and MAKE IT HAPPEN

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SWITCH, Solar and Wind Initiatives Towards CHange


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About Project Equity

Project Equity, founded in 2005 is a movement of youth, young and motivated, who feel constantly compelled to make a difference in the world they live in. We are here as a network for global youth empowerment. We look for sustainable solutions to major issues affecting the world we are to inherit. For more info hit the about us link. If you feel like this is a movement for you, there are two ways to get involved. You can rather start a club with other like-minded youth at your high-school/university or, if you already have a project in mind feel free to contact us today

The Global Day for Darfur

The Global Day for Darfur was a resounding success! Thousands turned out to see the likes of Senator Romeo Dallaire, Bedouin Soundclash, and MC Justin Trudeau. Just as in April, we once again screamed for justice in Darfur!! Project Equity is amongst a coalition of a few organizations that will comprise the Save Darfur Canada coalition, an entirely new collaborative project, with Senator Romeo Dallaire as its central spokesperson.




Operation GroundSwell - Sign-ups now available!

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